Mental Health

Nadiya P


February 28

What is a Stress Vulnerability Bucket? Ways you can empty your stress back.

Just imagine you are carrying a bucket 🪣 which slowly fills up as you start experiencing stressors. There are times when you will strong enough to carry the load but at times nah... ❌so it's very vital to lighten the load either by activities or doing something to throw away these stressors to function well. The Stress Vulnerability Bucket is a best way that illustrates how the extreme symptoms (paranoia,hallucinations)take over when stress is overwhelming. This happens when lot of water comes flooding into their buckets in other words - if a person experiences a great deal of stress, then the bucket can overflow. Some people believe stress makes them perform better, but that's rarely true. Research consistently shows the opposite - stress usually causes us to make more mistakes. Besides making us forget where we've put our keys, stress is also linked to very serious negative impacts on our health. Mentioned below 👇 are some activities that helps you destress. What's your Combat?

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