Managing Thyroid

Nadiya P


December 26, 2022

Habits that are damaging your Thyroid

1.Not sleeping enough- people sleeping fewer than 6 hours per night have lower than normal free T3 and free T4 levels. Issues with cortisol they are MUCH more likely to gain weight. 2. Not taking thyroid-specific supplements: like the Zinc, selenium, and iodine. 3.Not paying attention to inflammatory oils: These fats are EVERYWHERE because they are so incredibly cheap. 4.Not paying attention to your adrenal function: This spike in cortisol helps your body cope with the stress but also impacts your thyroid.These changes then impact your thyroid in a negative way. 5. By not ignoring your stress and your cortisol you are directly or indirectly hurting your thyroid gland. By getting rid of these habits you can naturally improve your thyroid function to help you feel better.

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