Managing Diabetes

Nadiya P


December 26, 2022

Gym with Diabetes - Risks

When exercising, diabetics should be extra careful so as to avoid fluctuation in sugar levels. The blood sugar can fluctuate amid, immediately after or even after hours of workout. Therefore, one should know about the various risks involved in joining a gym with diabetes. 1)Hypoglycemia: Longer physical activity usually increases the chances of hypoglycemia. The blood sugar goes down after a moderate to intense workout session and is often known as the “lag effect” of exercise. 2)Hyperglycemia: Your sugar levels tend to increase if your blood sugar was high before workout. After 30 minutes, the liver starts releasing sugar for energy. However, when the liver starts releasing excess sugar and the body has too less insulin; your blood sugar levels will rise. In fact, the blood sugar rises if your body is stressed or worked too hard. Alternatives to gyming 1)This includes jogging, walking, swimming or cycling. Aim for only 30 minutes of aerobics daily. 2)Stretching 3) Yoga

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