Mental Health

Nadiya P


March 02, 2023

Mental Habits That Limit Our Ability to Think Wisely.

1. Brooding: Replaying upsetting, frustrating, or distressing events over and over. Brooding can present real dangers to our emotional and even our physical health. 2.Unresolved Guilt: When guilt is not addressed and repeatedly pops into your mind, it creates a huge cognitive distraction that seriously impairs cognitive functioning. The solution is to put guilty feelings behind you as best you can. 3.Ineffective Complaining: With each of our tales, we become frustrated and annoyed. Anger and frustration require significant processing power and drain our brainpower. 4.Overanalyzing Rejection: It causes us to become self-critical, a habit that further damages our self-esteem. 5.Worrying: When we're worried about something, it tends to take priority in our minds, and pushes everything else to the side. Fortunately, it's easier to address and resolve worry (by thinking through potential solutions. Some of the habits that you need to start identifying and pay close attention to.

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