Managing Diabetes

Sonali Sachdeva


Chief Nutritionist at Shyft

March 02, 2023

I'm not an onion seed ....I'm a Nigella seed 🙂 I am KALONJI !

Kalonji, also known as Black seeds/ Black cumin are the seeds of Nigella sativa plant. The seeds look like onion seeds, have an aroma similar to fennel and a pungent flavour like nutmeg, though the plant is not related to any . Kalonji seeds have been used to treat several medical conditions; supported by research & recommended by the WHO too. They must be, however, taken in moderation. They slow down blood clotting, so, it is to be avoided before or after a surgery. Their use in pregnancy & during breastfeeding still lack research. Thus, should be avoided. The seeds help create insulin & thus help manage blood sugar levels. Soak 1/4 tsp in a glass of water overnight. Boil it in the morning & consume empty stomach. Use in limit as the seeds are heatening in nature[ take curds daily to counteract this effect]. They help treat intestinal worms & reduce flatulence & indigestion. They help reduce asthma & bronchitis symptoms , reduce inflammation & do wonders with bad breath !

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