Managing Diabetes

Asmita Saha


March 02, 2023

GOLMAAL HAI BHAI SAB GOLMAAL HAI pov :You want to include oats in your diet but there's too many options! 😵‍💫

So now you're surfing through all the options of available oats....& You choose the instant oats. STOP 🛑 right there... Go back & choose either the traditional rolled oats or steel cut oats. The reason we want you to take oats is because of their high fibre content & low glycemic index. But Quick cooking time = more processed ❗ Meaning - 1️⃣Instant oats =Cooks in 1 minute = highly processed 2️⃣Rolled oats =cooks in 5-10 minutes = processed but <than instant oats 3️⃣Steel cut oats = cooks in 20-30 minutes = least processed Their nutrient variation of these varieties are slight ⬇️ 💡But since steel cut oats are least processed, their fibre content is higher & they have a lower glycemic index than the other varieties. They also stay in your intestine for longer meaning keeps you full for longer. (Contradiction -if you have gut issues, then go for the Rolled oats variety 🌟) 📍Reminder - keep the serving size in mind! Don't Overindulge🔐

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