Postnatal Health



March 03

Hormonal fluctuations are common for new mothers! How can you manage it?

I hear this a lot in classes, all new mothers find it difficult to manage everything by themselves, some lucky mom's have all the help, some don't. Here are some simple habits for you to manage stress and balance hormones. * Drink 1 whole glass of water first thing in the morning * Yoga - practice or walking * Breathing practices ( deep belly or humming bee helps to even sleep well) *Eat nutritious food ( eat atleast 1 fruit in a day) *Spend time out in nature, get some sunlight or connect with plants in your garden. *Reframe thinking - remember the affirmations we do at the end of the class ( repeat it to yourself, I'm strong, I'm confident, I'm empowered, I'm resilient, I'm powerful, I can do anything, I deserve love and care.) * Connect with partner/ family/ friends. Try them all to feel stable & good!!

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@Sushmita simple things to support your hormones on everyday basis

March 20

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