Weight Management

Asmita Saha


March 04, 2023

WHY❓"My Vital Blood Parameters Are All Messed Up & I Keep Gaining Fat" - BUT I Am Hardly Eating Only 2 Meals Throughout The Day‼️(PART-2)

📍You're keeping long gaps between meals~ 🚨Long gaps between meals = slow metabolism =more fat gain/tendency to overeat 📍Both your first & last meal of the day are late~ 🚨Late breakfast or skipping it=disturbed sugar, BP & lipid levels. 🚨Taking a late dinner =natural dip in metabolism during nights =fat gain & gut issues 📍You're not drinking enough water~ 🚨Less water intake = dehydration = low energy & tendency to overeat = more fat gain 📍You're not able to engage in daily physical exercises~ 🚨Low activity levels = not being able to torch the extra calories & low metabolism= fat gain 📍You're not sleeping enough/ or Your sleep quality is not good~ 🚨Less sleep/bad sleep quality = low energy= tendency to overeat 📍You have high stress levels & you're unable to manage them~ 🚨High stress levels = ⬆️stress hormones = more fat gain 📍You're often smoking or taking alcohol~ 🚨Nicotine/alcohol = low appetite/ fat burn Was this helpful?

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