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March 06

With how much love do you talk to yourself?

If you're someone who criticizes yourself or gets into the loop of negative thought patterns its time to replace these negative thoughts with these positive self talks every morning while brushing the teeth!! Remember who you really are ? You're a goddess who has all the power to do anything. You truly are a goddess, a warrior, a superwoman. Listing down things you're doing which no one can do like you do. You're taking care of a new born You're taking care of your husband meals. The entire house is managed mostly by you. You're checking in with in-laws Working from home while feeding baby, while cooking making breakfast, cleaning babies diapers, feeding baby, baby bathing, baby's massages, waking up in the middle of the night constantly to check on your newborn, taking of that little garden of yours, making sure your family is getting what they need on time, and many more things in a day! With all this you're taking care of this greatest person, YOU!! Be proud of what you're !

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Sunitha Bai

@SUPRIYA Suresh ❤️❤️❤️❤️

March 07

Jyotsana Khanna Biyani

Nicely praised

March 07


@Sushmita very important thing to do

March 20


@SUPRIYA Suresh very much true mam

March 23

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