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March 06, 2023

Who doesn’t like SAVASANA!!!! 😛

One of the more important yet underestimated practice by a lot of us. It’s a final relaxation pose practiced at the end of the class. But it can also be practiced without doing any intense workout. Apart from relaxing your body muscles, here are many effective benefits of corpse pose. 1. Relaxing and stress reducing - Allows nervous system to shift from sympathetic( fight or flight) response to parasympathetic( rest and digest) response. 2. Improved sleep- Helps to release tension in the body, promoting physical relaxation and calming the mind leading to better sleep. 3. Healing and rejuvenating- A restorative pose helps to reduce inflammation, lowers blood pressure, improve immune function. For me, using cushions, bolsters is the best variation. In the picture, I am in supine butterfly pose, yet another savasana especially for women who are in periods and otherwise. @Pooja Gholap @Khyati @Deena Kamath

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Although shavasana is very important. I used to avoid it previously but now i avoid skipping shavasana coz it really gives so much of relaxation after a nice intense workout.

March 06, 2023

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