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March 09

Why to use props?

It's very important in the Yoga practice to be comfortable in holding the postures.It can become challenging if you are a beginner or if you have some conditions related to any joint or muscle in the form of pain or stiffness or injury. This is where the props come in picture.Taking support of props like a wall or chair,yoga belt or a yoga block really helps in supporting the joints or muscles which will ease the process of moving in and holding of the posture. It will help to target the respective body part more effectively than struggling to reach into the pose without really focussing on the body part that's needed to be worked on.@Rakesh Ohri in the supine spinal twist using the yoga blocks to support this lower back condition and to be comfortable in the practice. He is a man of discipline and dedication. He inspires me in so many ways. No matter what physical conditions and injuries he has been through but his resilience to make it to the mat and work on self inspires me.

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