Postnatal Health

Asmita Saha


March 09, 2023

Asmita My Milk Flow Has Reduced Recently Except The Foods & Habits You Have Recommended Is There Anything Else That Can Help❓

Yes. Expressing milk/pumping on regular intervals can help. Make sure you pump 20-60 minutes after every feed & if possible right after feeding your baby. Pump for a minimum 20 minutes each session initially. Ensure all areas of both the breasts are mostly empty. ⏭️You can massage your breasts and do some skin to skin with the baby to stimulate milk flow. ⏭️Try finding a pump that fits you. Hands on pumping is also helpful if artificial pumps don't work for you. ⏭️Pump more at night because prolactin levels are higher then. ⏭️You can pump & feed at the same time. Make sure the atmosphere is warm & you're completely relaxed. ⏭️Power pumping or cluster pumping for a few days before returning to normal pumping rituals can also be helpful. 📍NOTE- The milk supply initially can be very less but keep pumping & record the amount each time, you'll surely notice the numbers rising. Focus on your diet & water intake. For further info consult a lactation consultant.

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