Postnatal Health

Sunitha Bai


March 11, 2023

My kind of Inversion

Downward facing It increases circulation to the brain (good hairs👶🧒)It calms the mind 🧘and helps relieve headache💆, insomnia and fatigue🙇🙅🙆🤦🤷 * It improves the body posture🤸🧍"😅😅 My sis daughter joined me for the class today, she was simultaneously following me doing the yoga poses ❤️❤️ @SUPRIYA Suresh

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Nadiya P

Amazing 👏😃

March 11, 2023


I was so happy to see her sit next you when we started ☺️, you're influencing your niece 😍

March 11, 2023

Sunitha Bai

Thank you @SUPRIYA Suresh she was off the camera, and was doing most of the poses like a cakewalk though this is her first such session and to my surprise she was so flexible🤗🤗and on the other hand I can't even lift legs higher 😂😂

March 11, 2023

Pritika Kamal

Shyft Yoga Trainer


March 12, 2023

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