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Sonali Sachdeva


Chief Nutritionist at Shyft

March 12, 2023

TOMATOES 🍅 cause kidney stones - fact or myth ??

Its a MYTH - Tomatoes cannot cause kidney stones. Tomatoes contain oxalates, which are no doubt responsible for kidney stone formation. However, 100 grams of tomatoes contains only 5mg of oxalate which is not enough to create the stones. So, people diagnosed with kidney stones do not need to completely eliminate tomatoes from their diet - they need to take it in moderation. Similarly, those with kidney stones made of uric acid crystals are suggested to restrict the intake of uric acid rich foods( purine rich foods) like animal proteins but not necessarily complete eliminate them. Kidney stones may be formed due to an underlying health condition or deficiency of certain enzymes. Medication in such cases is the main line treatment. However, in most cases,poor hydration has been the root cause for kidney stone formation. 2.5-3 litres water per day is recommended for adults. This should be evenly distributed throughout the day, so as to dilute the urine & reduce the risk for stones

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