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March 13, 2023

My way of hydrating the body

I don't feel like drinking lot of water, I love fruits ! So the best way to drink water is by adding fruit to the water ! Make infused water with any fruit that you like. Take a container full of water add chopped fruit, watermelon, lemon, basil, muskmelon, oranges, strawberries, sunmelon, mint leaves, cucumber etc You can pick anything and make infused water, let me know what's your favourite way of hydrating the body ? @Smruthi settlur @Komal @Arashdeep @Deepali @Dr Shweta Rao @Sunitha Bai @Sneha Kedia @Megha @Kaveri @Raksha NS @Agrima @Shwetha @Parul @Sonakshi @Suranjana @Mala @Gayatri Sharma

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