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March 15

HIPS don’t lie! 🔥

Before we jump to know the benefits of strong glutes, let us understand what causes weak glute muscles and how does one gets to know that they have weak glute muscles. Weak glutes are a common issue because most people sit all day. Sitting for long periods puts the hips and hip flexors in a constant state of flexion. This makes the anterior muscles of the body tight and shortened and the glutes and hamstrings—the posterior chain—lengthened and loose. Tight hip flexors and weak glutes can cause a lot of dysfunction, such as low back pain, knee pain, or hamstring strains. Now, if you fall in this category of prolonged sitting, excessive lower back and knee pain. Start with glute strengthening postures and stretches. In the picture is the Bridge pose, one of the most apt posture for glute strengthening. You can also practice the below- ✅ Warrior II ✅Chair Pose ✅Locust pose ✅Half moon pose ✅Chair pose ✅Boat pose

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