General Wellness

Asmita Saha


December 27, 2022

I feel Sleepy 😴 ALL THE TIME🕗 Why? Find out....

If you sleep less than 7-9 hours it's common to feel sleepy. Ever wondered why you still feel tired even if you have overslept? The answer is - Incomplete SLEEP CYCLES🔃 Our sleep cycles can be divided into 5 stages - Wake, R1, R2, R3 & REM. Most of our sleep time falls under Non-Rapid Eye Movement sleep (NREM = R1, R3 75%). One typical sleep cycle lasts till 90 minutes. A good sleep means getting atleast 4-6 complete cycles of sleep. So referring to the picture down below, if you sleep 4 hours you're hardly completing 3 sleep cycles. If it's 11 hours you're crossing 7 sleep cycles. Now you know why the magic numbers for required sleep are said to be 7-9 hours for adults!! ✌

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