Managing PCOS

Nadiya P


December 27, 2022

A connection between Yeast Infection and PCOS

Yeast, is essentially a bacteria that lives in our gut. It is necessary for adequate nutrient absorption and a healthy digestive system. In a healthy scenario, it co-exists peacefully with the other bacteria within the intestines, but when it is out of control it weakens the immune system, and worsens the hormonal levels. For women with PCOS, this results in symptoms of recurring vaginal infections. Major causes: 1)Insulin resistance or diet: which means their body is producing too much insulin to regulate the amount of glucose in the bloodstream. This excess insulin and yeast overgrowth then triggers cravings for sugars and carbs, forming the perfect environment for yeast to multiply and grow 2)Medication: can negatively affect the balance of good bacteria within the gut, allowing yeast to thrive. 3)Lack of sleep or stress: Lack of sleep or stress causes an increase in cortisol,the stress hormone causing immune system to weaken rising blood sugar favouring Yeast growth.

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