Managing Diabetes

Asmita Saha


December 27, 2022

Diabetics should have more protein in their diet ❓

The answer is YES! The biggest reason for this is because - INSULIN is a PROTEIN in nature. 😳 Type-2 diabetes is either caused by reduced insulin production(➖) or insulin resistance(✖️). In case of the first cause, including more lean protein in the diet can positively increase insulin secretion! Some other reasons why you should include more protein in your diet:- •Protein rich foods like- low fat milk products,soy products,pulses, legumes, nuts, lean meat, fish & egg etc. are low GI foods. Meaning these don't raise your blood sugar levels abruptly. •Protein helps in muscle building which helps in weight management & fat loss. •Protein helps in boosting up your usually affected immunity. •Protein makes you stay full for longer & reduces sugar cravings. •Protein also helps in improving sleep & stress levels. And many more.... Now you know why you need to include atleast one source of ✅ low fat protein in each of your meals. [Just help your lazy pancreas will you? 🤫]

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Madhav Kumar

Amazing, will do this

January 03, 2023

Mehul Jain

I feel I have the laziest pancreas😬

January 03, 2023

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