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March 20, 2023

You will see the progress with consistency!! My ladies are at it!!

@Richa look at you today- getting better everyday. Now practice the same movement 5 times everyday to improve the posture & reduce tension in the upper back. Take on 1 challenge at a time and working on it is the best way to see the difference in yourself. @Suranjana - it was great to know that you have lost 7kgs of weight, I appreciate your determination to follow the diet & being consistent with the classes. I'm proud of you. Continue with Brahmari, no caffeine for now, more fruits more hydration!! @Sushmita - I want you to love your body, do the affirmations everyday, look at yourself in the mirror talk to yourself with love, one step at a time. Don't forget the walks. I want to see the update pics here, as you learn to accept your body and yourself you will progress with that positive mindset, so let go of inhibitions and stay on track.

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Thanks @SUPRIYA Suresh for the motivation. Walk , affirmation done 😊

March 21, 2023


@Sushmita that's great 👏👏👏

March 21, 2023



March 21, 2023

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