Mental Health

Sonali Sachdeva


Chief Nutritionist at Shyft

March 22

How many of you have tried this & how many of you have benefitted from it ??

Sitting in silence 🧘‍♀️by yourself, with yourself for few minutes everyday !!! Its good to sit alone for atleast some time everyday🌞🌈 But when you sit alone, don't sit with your past.🤔 Sit alone to design your present and  dream your future.😇⚘️⚘️🌈 Personally, I have bee trying this since sometime ...started with 1 minute & now its about 5 minutes in the day( I prefer these moments right when I wake up). It has helped me calm down & feel rejuvenated too. Try it out for yourself ...and share your experience too.

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Thank you for sharing positive activity, I will definitely try this.

April 18

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