Postnatal Health



December 28, 2022

Why malasana is best for you new mommies?

Are you experiencing constipation? Lower back ache? Indigestion? Urinary incontinence? Bloating ? Then malasana is the best posture for you, it helps to stretch the hips, groin, inner thighs, back torso, and spine which helps to create space in spinal column & lumbar spine, which is generally tensed for all you working mommies, then stretch in the spine even cures sciatica pain, back pain. It helps to massage the internal organs through the engagement of the abdominal muscles, thus improves digestion related issues, urinary incontinence. As there is good blood circulation in the pelvic region, due to hip opening it even helps to strengthen pelvic floor, even helps to cure diastasis recti as you even engage abdominal muscles. It even stimulates the reproductive organs, strengthening uterus & balances your hormones, helps to bring that emotional stability you're looking for. Drinking water in this pose on empty stomach in morning helps to clear your faeces with ease.

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