Mental Health

Asmita Saha


March 23

Have You Fallen In Love With Yourself Yet❓

This is kind of an open letter to you all. I don't know who needs to hear this today but, if you're stuck at something or having a rough time currently or if suddenly everything seems to go the wrong way; please hold on yourself🫂 Yes yourself, not anyone else. Wherever you are & whatever you do I wish that you are putting yourself first 🪷 Trust me the people who are currently knowingly or unknowingly hurting you/your feelings will not matter in future, if you have a lot of self-love within🧡 Because people change. The people who are loving/valuing you today can change with time. Change is the law of nature🆑 But the only person that can love you unconditionally is YOU🫵 Because you my dear are a fighter & only you know the struggles it took you to get to where you currently are🍀 You're strong, beautiful & deserving. Remember that you can't pour from an empty cup, so from now on let's focus on loving the person who's currently reading this post, yes it's YOU 🫵💕

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