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Nitisha Rajpal


Shyft Yoga Trainer

March 23, 2023

Short Water and Walk Breaks at Work to Stay Productive and More Energetic

During the day, our body needs to stay hydrated and our brain needs to get enough fresh air to stay focused and ensure productivity. But when we are at work and constantly have multiple tasks, we easily forget to take a walk or even have a glass of water. This can lead to lowering concentration, lack of energy and overall fatigue. Make small change in your working routine set reminders & take short walk and water breaks and feel better, healthier, more energised & more productive throughout the day. @Pallavi Saxena @Nilasree @Sowmya @Keshav @Vikrant Yadav @Anirban Ghosh @Mayank Kaushik @Sujata @Swati Jain @Padma @sweena baja @Debleena Misra @Mitsu @Parushi @Babita Das

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