Mental Health



March 24

How to manage anger, irritability & emotional instability?

It's natural to feel angry, irritated and feel like yelling at people around you, remember you don't have to take it out on any of your loved one, you can pick healthier ways of releasing it out of your body, like I keep saying in class deep belly breaths for 5times immediately when you start feeling angry helps. It's natural to feel it especially more after postpartum, when you notice it immediately do the following to takecare of yourself and loved ones. * Instead of yelling or sending an angry message, write a note to yourself about what made you angry . * Instead of lashing out unconsciously, take a walk and come back. * Instead of piling up the emotions, listen to music, sing a song or dance a little if you enjoy it, this helps to relax your nervous system, helps to calm down. * Instead of overthinking and spoiling your mood, watch something funny, take sips of water and observe how water feels in the throat, observe the cool sensation you feel when you gulp it slowly.

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