General Wellness

Dr Shweta Rao


Shyft Yoga Trainer

March 25, 2023

Good Sleep for Good Health ☺️

The pace of our modern life barely gives us time to stop and rest. Good night sleep on a regular basis has become difficult. But sleep is as important as diet and exercise. Not getting enough quality sleep increases the risk of many diseases and disorders. Why do we need to sleep? The common myth is sleep is down time when the brain gets to rest. But that's wrong when you sleep brain works. Sleep helps the brain to learn, remember, and create. The brain has a drainage system that removes toxins during sleep. When we sleep the brain functions like a kidney, removing waste. Are u aware that the brain removes some of the proteins Linked with Alzheimer's disease. These are removed twice as fast from the brain during sleep. Everything from blood vessels to the immune system uses sleep as a time for repair. Certain repair processes occur mostly during sleep. So get good sleep else all the processes of the body will get disturbed

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