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March 25

Self-care weekend challenge!

All beautiful ladies, finally it's a weekend so more time for self-care.Skincare is as important as asana practice, so make time for it. *FACE PACK - Put on your favourite pack to cleanse, your skin and feel great ! * DIP FEET IN WARM WATER with essential oils or rose water, it's so rejuvenating, I love doing this very weekend so try it to feel relaxed. It helps to promote sleep when you do it before bed. Soaking it in the morning helps in blood circulation, reduces swelling in foot, reduces cramps in the foot. DIP FEET IN COLD WATER- to relax the nervous system,cold water soothes soreness, reduces pain, reduces inflammation, helps feet recover from physical activities, improves circulation, avoids tissue damage. * You can even get a massage this weekend! Have a great weekend ladies ! @Naseem @Mala @Swathi @Janaki @Vidya @Manisha @Madhuri Thakur Once you're done update me, you can tag me in your post/share pic

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