General Wellness

Sindhu Bhaskaram


March 25, 2023

Mindful water intake

I used to drink a lot of water (almost 4 ltrs) which didn't help my overactive bladder condition. When I visited an urologist, after the tests he concluded I'm drinking unnecessary amounts of water and asked me to reduce the water intake. I also started noticing my mouth going dry when I was overthinking or anxious. This made me become mindful everytime I felt like having water. So now, I finally have reached a place where I'm drinking water only when necessary and drinking mindfully (being seated, slowly, conscious about breathing while drinking). I still drink about 2.5 ltrs, of which 1-1.5ltrs in the morning and at bed time combined. Especially, for ladies who have historically weak bladder it's always good to visit a doctor first and take measures to make your life easy.

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