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March 27, 2023

Soaking up in the sun for some energy post the sessions 🌞

Soaking in the morning sunlight is as important as charging your phone. Just like you need electricity to charge your devices similarly sunlight charges our cells, nervous system and helps us to energize for the day ! It has numerous health benefits. Make this a habit post the morning yoga class or before it and share your pictures here 😀 @Rohini Kapoor @Ishani Nagia @sushmita prakash @Susmita @Arpana Bhanot @Nilima Makeshwar @Poulomi Shee @aditi bhatia @jyotsana @Prathima @Deepa @Sujit @akshita @Shambhavi @Shailaja @Rana Abdul Latif @Nikhil Pandey @Dhiraj Singh @Arun

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Rohini Kapoor


March 27, 2023

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