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March 27, 2023

The role of yoga in Hashimoto’s disease

Mental health, often underestimated, is important in the course of Hashimoto’s disease. Chronic stress significantly affects the condition of the entire body. It also plays an important role in the proper functioning of the immune system. What role does yoga play in Hashimoto’s disease? What is the importance of yoga in Hashimoto’s disease? Stress reduction One of the benefits commonly cited by yoga practitioners is stress reduction or relaxation, as confirmed by many studies. Chronic stress negatively affects the course of Hashimoto’s disease. Therefore, yoga can be a helpful tool to reduce tension and improve mood. Physical activity Note that increased physical activity is especially recommended if you have coexisting obesity along with Hashimoto’s disease. Yoga is a form of physical activity that can further increase muscle strength and endurance. Moreover, practicing yoga improves the flexibility of the body.

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