Postnatal Health



March 28, 2023

Yoga for postantal care

Here's to all wonderful strong mothers taking out time to step on their mat everyday. Here's a recap of the posture for you all @Mousumi @Kratika @Anusha Shankar @Priyanka @Mofarrah @Pallavi Saha @Vishakha @Shweta @Amrita @Abhinaya @Puja @Pratyusha @Rolly Mehta @Pragati @Manisha @Shwetha @Sonam Sarawagi @Yukti Here all practicing Standing big toe hold pose (Utthita hasta padangusthasana) Key pointers to keep in mind: ⭐First to start with a gentle support of the wall (Avoid to lean on the support.Let your core give you more support) ⭐Second,to find a fixed point to look at. ⭐Start with hugging knees to chest or bringing knee half way up. ⭐Start engaging your abdomen,back,glute and pelvic muscles here. ⭐Then slowly finding a hold on the sole of your foot or by gripping big toe with three fingers support ,start stretching leg straight in front.

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Your yoga sessions are very helpful @Komal

March 28, 2023


@Mofarrah I am glad you are finding them helpful,mofarrah.

March 29, 2023

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