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March 28, 2023

Common doubt from users - I am unable to follow the breath ques as per instructions, I cannot hold the breath while you explain, I breath faster in the postures how should I manage this ?

Sharing the image below- stages of progress one can refer to in the personal yoga posture journey. During the sessions it becomes important for a trainer to focus on postural alignment, muscular engagements, breath ques for moving in ,holding in and out of the posture also guiding the users with proper corrections. All this while there may be confusion around the breath. MOST IMPORTANT - -Never hold the breath in any posture. -Trainer is guiding the ideal breath ques but every body is different and responds differently to the postures. - In some postures one user may be able to breath comfortably while the other user may have breathing challenges. - It is not mandatory to strictly follow the breath ques, you can try but listen to your body till you get comfortable with the posture. - The rhythm, depth and length of the breath is different for everyone, lung capacity varies so be comfortable at your rhythm. -Lasty discuss with the trainer about your challenges. Hope this helps !

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