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Nadiya P



December 29, 2022

Touch me not plants and uses

Have you loved playing with the Touch me not's? Well I have too. Lets see some of the medical benefits it holds apart from the fun factor: 1)Used for minor cuts and wounds 2)To treat excessive bleeding during menstruation 3)for curing piles or hemorrhoids to Improve sexual potency in men for joint pain or arthritis 4)it treats diabetes, diarrhea, jaundice, stomach ache and intestinal worms 5)to cure itching, gum problems and toothache for treatment of glandular swelling and hydrocele 6)to uplift sagging breast 7)for treating snake bites and insect bites 8)for treating insomnia/sleeplessness, asthma, high blood pressure as well as hair loss problems. To my surprise this plant is quite miraculous what's your thought on this?

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Sonali Sachdeva

Chief Nutritionist at Shyft

Yes...loved playing with it as a kid !! Great to know its beneficial side now πŸ™‚

December 29, 2022

Nadiya P


December 29, 2022


Never knew this plant from childhood memories had so many benefits 😯

December 30, 2022

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