Managing PCOS

Nadiya P


December 29, 2022

PCOS Myths that we need to get Straight

1.Women shed impure blood during periods: menstrual cycle is part of a woman’s reproductive system that prepares her body for a (possible) pregnancy it is the same blood that circulates throughout body. 2.If you miss your period, you are pregnant: not significantly,hormonal imbalances like polycystic ovary syndrome, excessive weight, unhealthy diet, illness, stress can be the causes of your missed or irregular periods too. 3.You cannot exercise while you are on your period: There are no risks to regular physical activity. Certain yoga asanas may help you feel better during your period cramps 4.You can’t get pregnant while on your period: a woman having a shorter menstrual cycle have sex towards the end of the six-day-long period, followed by ovulation shortly after, the chances are that some of the sperm may survive and lead to pregnancy. 5.You shouldn’t wash your hair during your period: You don’t need to compromise with your personal hygiene habit.

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