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Asmita Saha


March 28

What Foods To Include & Exclude From Your Diet To Improve Sleep ? 😴

Following up with my last post on habits that can affect your sleep cycle, here are some foods that can potentially improve your sleep: ⭐Almonds & walnuts - both are good sources of melatonin, magnesium & good fats which can improve sleep ⭐Chamomile/ passion flower/lavender tea - are filled with sleep improving antioxidants & tends to calm your nerves promoting a restful sleep. ⭐Fruits like Kiwi, cherries & bananas - cherries are a good source of melatonin, banana contains loads of magnesium & tryptophan amino acid and Kiwis are good sources of antioxidants & serotonin. ⭐Fatty fishes & meat - like mackerel, pomfret, chicken, turkey etc.are rich in vit D, omega 3 fats & protein that improves sleep. ⭐White rice/ bread/oatmeal- these high GI foods along with high protein foods improves the entrance of tryptophan in the brain. ⭐Dairy products- like yogurt, panner,milk etc. are high in tryptophan. Foods to avoid ( Except fluids, acidic & gas producing foods) before bed⬇️

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Jyotsana Khanna Biyani


March 28

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