Mental Health

Asmita Saha


December 29, 2022

Promise 🤝We won't judge you for your struggles!

Have you ever felt judged by any of your health care professionals⁉️ & proceeded to hide vital informations from them in fear of being judged or mistreated❓ I am truly sorry if you had to go through such experiences. 😔 But you're in a safe place now, we will not judge you for your own personal struggles, your comfort, neither your triggers or barriers. We interact with various people from over the globe with multiple different issues regularly, What you're ashamed or afraid of sharing might be something we already are familiar with & can help you through. We also respect your personal space & decision to not reveal any information. The more information we get on your health & lifestyle the more equipped we get to help you with your goals. Hence let's work well together keeping in mind that Unity is our biggest Strength💪

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