Gut Health

Shilpa Francis


March 29, 2023

What about a hip opener??

GARLAND POSE Our bowel habits talk a lot about our gut health. Constipation or incomplete bowels on most days indicate an imbalanced gut. Working on your diet and lifestyle helps with this. Garland posture is one of the great poses to improve the downward mobility, clearing and flushing out bad bacteria from the system and thus helps in easy bowel movements. Alignment check: ✅ Slightly pointing the toes out. ✅ Equally press the feet. ✅ Chest open and spine erect. ✅ Pushing the elbows against inner thighs. @Bharti @Parul @Prachi Gawas @pankaj kishore @Kajal @Kanishka @Sandeep @Tamanna @Karen Chee @Barkha

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