Prenatal Health

Asmita Saha


December 30, 2022

Worried about your baby's movement❓ try these✅

Less or no apparent movement of your baby in the womb can be scary.... 😰 Try these tricks to get your little one👶 moving : • Lay down on your side & take a few deep breaths to relax your heart rate • Drinking fruit juices like- orange or apple juice etc. can cause them to move • Drinking cold milk or fizzy drinks can cause them to start moving as well • Taking sweet treats like- chocolate, icecream, cakes can cause your sugar levels to boost up & cause the baby to react as well • Taking any healthy snacks like- fruits, yogurt, nuts, berries etc. can help as well • Drinking stimulating things like- tea,coffee, spicy food etc. can also help. • Try poking or moving your hands through your belly to gently wake them up if they're sleeping • Try singing or reading or talking to them. If you usually talk to your baby often this could be a great trick. Now in the end if none of these tricks are working, it's time to contact your OBGYN 🚨 immediately, your baby can be in distress.

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