Diabetes Control

The right nutrition and exercise plan can show you results within 3-6 months.

How it works

Diabetes management can look different for everyone! At Shyft, we work WITH YOU to create a plan that works FOR YOU along with your doctor prescribed medication

  • Nutrition pre-consultation available at nominal charges

  • Personal coaches available 24X7 to track progress & recommend program modifications

  • Live, interactive Yoga sessions with experienced coaches

  • Periodic Nutrition consultations

  • Live Mindfulness sessions for stress relief and access to doctors (if needed)

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What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a common condition in which the body is unable to use or make adequate insulin. This leads to increased levels of glucose or sugar in the blood, which can over time lead to health problems affecting the heart & the kidneys.

What our members are saying

I am taking dietary consultations from the nutritionist for more than a month now. I am quite happy with the experience and find her suggestions quite useful. It has helped me reduce my blood sugar levels.

Kapil Tandon

My experience has been incredible. I feel energetic and my insulin levels have been stable since I joined. Can't thank the instructors enough for being patient and guiding us well


I joined Shyft (then Mindhouse) in Oct 2020. I was not able to concentrate on my work and health due to the pandemic and came across Shyft through Instagram. I enrolled myself on the yoga classes which really helped me stay healthy and fit. I would recommend everyone to be a part and feel the change!

Nikitasha Khanna