Postnatal Care

Transition back, physically and mentally, to take better care of yourself and the newborn.

How it works

Postnatal recovery can look different for everyone! At Shyft, we work WITH YOU to create a plan that works FOR YOU.

  • Nutrition pre-consultation available at nominal charges

  • Personal coaches available 24X7 to track progress & recommend program modifications

  • Live, interactive Yoga sessions with experienced coaches

  • Periodic Nutrition consultations

  • Live Mindfulness sessions for stress relief and access to doctors (if needed)

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What our members are saying

I'm extremely happy with the postnatal classes I m taking with Shyft and I look forward to these sessions. The poses and asanas have helped me get my strength, stability and flexibility back, post delivery. The coaches are very friendly and teach each pose with a lot of ease and patience. The Q&A after each class has cleared so many of my doubts regarding my body aches and Yoga postures. I'm glad I took up my postpartum journey with Shyft, thank you!

Shwetha K B

After I gave birth to my 2nd kid, I started to feel very low. Then I discovered yoga and it helped me immensely to enjoy life and my time with my kids. The classes were very easy to understand and always altered to the level of the students in the class. I felt comfortable at all times. I felt loved and respected and felt I was in the presence of a true teacher.

Rashmi Mishra

Shyft changed my lifestyle! I feel very energetic, my body has become more flexible, my tummy has gone down, and my mind feels at peace. The coaches who teach here are fantastic. No words. Not even a single minute is wasted. I have also encouraged my family members to join and alter their lifestyles with Yoga. Thanks to Shyft for changing my life.

Sumathy Maniraj