Health Programs


  • Nutrition pre-consultation available at nominal charges

  • Personal coaches available 24x7 to track progress & recommend program modifications

  • Live, interactive Yoga sessions with experienced coaches

  • Periodic nutritional consultations and 24x7 nutritionist chat support

  • Live Mindfulness sessions for stress relief and access to doctors (if needed)

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At Shyft, we combine techniques of Yoga, Nutrition and Exercise to help users track, reverse & manage specific health conditions & chronic ailments. Our team of global experts is rigorously trained on the Shyft curriculum, to bring to you the best practices for your needs.

Manage and reverse symptoms for conditions with Nutrition and Yoga —

What our members are saying

Shyft changed my lifestyle! I feel very energetic, my body has become more flexible, my tummy has gone down, and my mind feels at peace. The coaches who teach here are fantastic. No words. Not even a single minute iswasted. I have also encouraged myfamily members to join and alter their lifestyles with Yoga. Thanks to Shyft for changing my life

Sumathy Maniraj

My Yoga journey started in 2020 during the lockdown and I am blessedthat it started with Shyft (then Mindhouse). I love everything about it, the instructors, the management team, the app and and the classes. The instructors will help you out atyour level of competence - whether you want to go slow and easy or youwant to challenge yourself - they'll be with you throughout. The management and support team is sohelpful, the app is so user friendly andthe experience is so smooth that atany time, you can move classes, shift your batches or cancel them. You getfree sleep stories and meditation videos inside the app itself. I would recommend Shyft Yoga classes toabsolutely everyone!

Garima Sharma