Nutrition for Kids

Nutrition for Kids

Shyft's expert Clinical Nutritionists understand what children need for holistic growth and recommend personalized plans that actually work!

How it works


Buy a plan & fill out the onboarding form

Once you buy a plan, we request you to fill out an onboarding form (on the app). It has some basic questions about your child’s health and lifestyle that help the Nutritionist prepare for the first consultation.


Schedule your child’s first consultation

Schedule a consultation with your child’s Nutritionist at a time convenient to you and your child. Consultations are conducted over a video call via the app.


Get your child’s personalized diet plan

Post the first consultation, your Nutritionist makes a nutrition plan available on the app. The plan contains easy recipes for tiffins, lunches, and otherwise which can be made with your pantry ingredients.


Get Chat access to your child’s Nutritionist

Post the first consultation, chat access with your Nutritionists gets activated for any questions.


Schedule subsequent consultations as per need

Get 2 consultations every month, and 24x7 availability on our app on chat. In each follow-up consultation, our Nutritionist will review your child’s progress and suggest changes to their nutrition plan.


Get interesting recipes suited to their health condition!

The Shyft app has hundreds of recipes suited for your child’s health condition, to help them eat tasty and healthy food.

Nutrition Plans for kids starting from Rs.1799!

More than 20,000 customers trust Shyft to manage their chronic and health conditions. Start your journey now!




Note: By moving forward you accept our medical waiver and disclaimer policy mentioned here , and term & conditions mentioned here.

Hear from our Lead Nutritionist

Watch Sonali give you a brief overview of your child’s Nutrition journey at Shyft, ways to stick to the plan and ensure the lifestyle changes are sustainable

What makes us special

All Nutritionists are clinically trained professionals

Most children see improvements in their overall health and well-being in just 2 months

Meal plans are created with ingredients available in your kitchen and pantry

We include cheat meals and tiffin ideas so the plans can be easily integrated into your lifestyle

Plans are highly personalized to the child’s dietary preference

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Kavita Palod

Ever since I joined Shyft, the changes in me have been clearly visible. I have lost 2 kgs in approx 35 days, that too effortlessly with healthy eating, all thanks to the nutrition plan and yoga sessions. It is carefully curated to suit my requirement, recipes are simple, and ingredients are easily available which makes it easy to follow the plan regularly and effortlessly. Shyft is the best thing that's happened to me.

Kalyani Saha Banerjee

I have subscribed to the postnatal diet plan at Shyft and have lost over 7Kgs of body weight in 4 months. The diet plans are enriched with various tasty and easy-to-prepare recipes which helps me follow the diet plans regularly. There are lots of options in smoothies and juices which make my skin glow. Thank you Shyft for the proper diet plans to stay fit and healthy after my delivery.


The instructors are available to help at all times. My PCOS symptoms from the past 8 years have now started to improve with motivation and support. I would suggest women to get their Shyft subscriptions today!