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  • Our Clinical Nutritionist will understand your specific health needs.

  • Food needs to be interesting, so we provide plans for Good Food based on your preferences.

  • We include Cheat Days in your plan and provide interesting recipes!

  • You can get fortnightly check-ins with your nutritionist, & unlimited chat access to help you stay on track.

  • We don't recommend avoiding outside food, but we help you make eating out healthier for your health-condition.

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At Shyft, we combine techniques of Yoga, Meditation and Nutrition to solve specific problems across women's health, everyday wellness, chronic ailments and mental health. Our team of global experts is rigorously trained on the Shyft curriculum, to bring to you the best practices for your individual needs.

We help you eat the right food in the journey of reversal or management of these health conditions

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Kavita Palod

Ever since I joined Shyft, the changes in me have been clearly visible. I have lost 2 kgs in approx 35 days, that too effortlessly with healthy eating, all thanks to the nutrition plan and yoga sessions. It is carefully curated to suit my requirement, recipes are simple, and ingredients are easily available which makes it easy to follow the plan regularly and effortlessly. Shyft is the best thing that's happened to me.

Kalyani Saha Banerjee

I have subscribed to the postnatal diet plan at Shyft and have lost over 7Kgs of body weight in 4 months. The diet plans are enriched with various tasty and easy-to-prepare recipes which helps me follow the diet plans regularly. There are lots of options in smoothies and juices which make my skin glow. Thank you Shyft for the proper diet plans to stay fit and healthy after my delivery.


The instructors are available to help at all times. My PCOS symptoms from the past 8 years have now started to improve with motivation and support. I would suggest women to get their Shyft subscriptions today!