Paneer Jalfrezi


paneer jalfrezi

A harmonious blend of succulent paneer and colorful vegetables stir-fried in a medley of aromatic spices and tangy sauces.



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30 Mins

20 Ingredients


1 tablespoon oil

100 grams paneer, cut into 1 ½" long strips

½ teaspoon jeera seeds

1 dried red chili (optional)

½ cup red onion, sliced

one-third cup carrot, thinly sliced

one-third cup french beans, cut into 1" pieces

¼ cup capsicum (green bell pepper) sliced

¼ cup red bell pepper, sliced

¼" piece ginger, julienned

salt to taste

¼ teaspoon haldi powder

½ teaspoon garam masala (optional)

1.5 teaspoons red chilli powder (optional)

1 medium tomato, pureed

¼ cup water

¼ teaspoon raw sugar (khaand)

1 teaspoon dhaniya powder

1 teaspoon white distilled vinegar

1 tablespoon coriander leaves, finely chopped


Heat one tablespoon of oil in a pan on medium heat.

Once hot, place the paneer pieces in it. Lightly fry them until light golden brown on both sides.

Transfer the paneer to a bowl of warm water for 10 minutes.

Then lightly squeeze the water out and keep the paneer aside.

Heat the remaining 1 tsp oil in the same pan.

Add jeera seeds and let them sizzle.

Then add dried red chili and saute for about 30 seconds.

Now add all the prepared vegetables, mix well, and saute for 2-3 minutes.

Then add salt to taste and all the spice powders. Again mix well so all the masala is coated with the vegetables. and cook for a minute.

Now add tomato puree. Stir well.

Cover the pan and cook till vegetables are cooked (about 10-12 minutes).

Now add sugar and vinegar. Stir well.

Add ¼ cup of water, fried paneer, and chopped coriander leaves.

Gently mix till the thick gravy is coated well to paneer pieces.

Cook for 2 minutes and turn off the burner.

Garnish with finely chopped coriander.

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