Fariyali Imli Dhaniya Sharbat


fariyali imli dhaniya sharbat

A tangy and refreshing drink infused with tamarind, coriander, and salt, perfect for fasting days!



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15 Mins

7 Ingredients


tamarind pulp - 1 tbsp

coriander leaves - 1 tsp

powdered jeera-red chilli (optional) - both roasted, half tsp each

sendha namak

water - one glass (in which you will be serving)

crushed ice- to garnish (optional)

raw sugar (khaand)/jaggery - 1 tsp


Take the tamarind and soak it in water. Mix them well.

Strain the tamarind water in a glass.

Add raw sugar/jaggery and sendha namak. Make sure there is a good balance between sweet and sour taste. Keep it aside.

Take one teaspoon of coriander leaves and make a coarse paste with mortar and pestle.

Add the paste to the water and mix.

Now add the roasted masala and crushed ice (if you want), stir well, and serve.

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